Sponsor a Bird

Sponsor a Bird

Even if you can’t have a bird at home, you can still have one to call your own! When you sponsor a bird we will send you a certificate, a biography of your bird, an 8x10 printed or digital photo, and a species specific information sheet. We will also send you a semiannual update including a new photo of your bird.

Listed below are the bird species we currently have available for sponsorship. Once you've selected your sponsor level give us a call or email and we will help you choose from the 200+ available birds at our gardens. 

Small Birds

  • Caiques: White-Bellied
  • Cockatiels: Grey, Pearl, Pied, White-Faced
  • Conures: Cherry-Headed, Miltred, Sun
  • Indian Ringnecks: Lutino
  • Quakers: Green
  • Lorikeets: Rainbow
  • Lovebirds: Fischers, Pied, Peach-Faced, White-Faced
  • Mustached Parakeets
  • Parrotlets: Pacific

Medium Birds

  • African Greys: Congo, Timneh
  • Amazons: Blue-Fronted, Chaco, Double Yellow-Headed, Orange-Winged, Red-Lored, Yellow-Crowned, Yellow-Naped
  • Cockatoos: Bare-Eyed, Ducorp's, Goffin's, Lesser Sulfur Crested
  • Conures: Patagonian
  • Macaws: Noble, Red-Fronted, Yellow-Collared

Large Birds

  • Cockatoos: Citron, Eleonora, Moluccan, Triton, Triton-Umbrella Hybrid, Umbrella
  • Macaws: Blue & Gold, Catalina, Double Harlequin, Double Shamrock, Flame, Green Wing, Harlequin, Miligold, Military, Scarlet, Shamrock, Tropicana, Verde
Sponsor A Bird
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